We recognise that sometimes things don’t always work out between parties to an agreement in the way in which the parties intended.  This can lead to a break down in the business, employment or other contractual relationship.  Common unwanted consequences of such a breakdown include costly litigation or loss of face for either or both parties.

Mediation involves an independent and neutral third party facilitating a process between the parties that helps them to come to their own mutually satisfactory resolutions.  We like to call it a ‘win-win’ solution.

The advantage of mediation is that the parties

  1. own the process
  2. spend less money than they would normally spend in going through the court litigation process
  3. are able to agree things upon which a court would typically not be able to make a ruling or order
  4. are able to bring matters to a speedier or swift conclusion; and
  5. as a result of the above, expend less time and emotional energy.

Williams Hortor’s mediators are well placed to assist disputing parties to reach or find a resolution when the relationship has broken down or where there is an impasse.

If you would like to explore mediation in more detail, please contact us to arrange a discussion with one of our experienced mediators.