Settlement & Compromise Agreements

Williams Hortor is here to assist you when your workplace relationships have broken down or are in difficulty.  From disputes relating to recruitment, breach of contract and discrimination through to termination of employment, whether you are an employer seeking to manage a difficult situation, or an employee uncertain of their rights in a particular situation, our experience of advising employers and employees alike gives us a rounded view of the employment relationship.

If one party to the employment relationship chooses to terminate the employment relationship, our broad experience enables us to provide you with expert advice and pragmatic solutions.  This includes advice on

  • Termination discussions
  • Settlement/Compromise negotiations
  • Settlement/Compromise agreements
  • Post-termination restrictive covenants

Workplace Mediation

Should the parties to the relationship seek to preserve the working relationship in a more amenable manner, then Williams Hortor Law and Mediation offers Workplace and Employment Mediation to help you in resolving issues and moving the employment workplace relationship forward onto a mutually beneficial footing.

In these circumstances, mediation provides a cost effective way of resolving underlying issues, and enabling the parties to the dispute to move on.  This is particularly so where one party has brought a grievance or is facing disciplinary action.

Increasingly, employers are recognising the benefits of mediation in avoiding unnecessary and costly tribunal or court litigation.

Let us help you to resolve your workplace matters.

“Williams Hortor provide an excellent level of service that is not hampered by time or distance. The company’s legal expertise and outstanding commitment to achieving results is next to none. I found their humane interaction not only extremely helpful but also very re-assuring. I definitely recommend them.” 

Mrs Emegbagha, Essex.

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